House Parent Couple

Houseparents are a married Christian husband and wife.  The wife is employed full time by Soaring Wings in a salaried position.  The husband serves in a volunteer capacity at Soaring Wings while maintaining part-time to full-time day time employment off-site.

Houseparent’s are the leaders of the home and work closely with the Soaring Wings administrative team.  The goal of the houseparent couple is to create a model of a healthy, Christ-centered home for 6-8 children.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

Child & Family Development
·       Spiritual:
–       Sets a good example of Christian attitude and conduct.
–       Trains children in the experience of worship by actively participating in a local church with the children. Sunday worship is necessary for all homes, but houseparent’s should consider the value of the child/family participating in other services, Sunday school, youth groups, retreats, etc. as well.
–       Conducts family devotions on regular basis.  (This can vary from home to home in practice but this time should be made a high a priority with times varying from daily 20 minutes times, to more lengthy sessions 1-2x weekly, or a combination of the two.)
–       Encourages individual spiritual growth and for the child to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

·       Intellectual:
–       Encourages a wholesome and constructive attitude towards school, education, & reading.
–       Provides structured time for school work, assists with homework as needed, and ensures that the children have necessary study materials
–       Works closely with education specialist to set academic goals and to get needed assistance at Ed Enrichment time by bringing needed materials.
–       Works in close cooperation with teachers through attendance of all needed parent/teacher conferences, response to notes from teachers, review of progress reports and report cards, checking grades on-line regularly, communicate all of these needs to Education Specialist.
–       With assistance from Social Worker and Education Specialist, ensures that the children are registered for school.
–       Develop a routine for checking HW/back packs & assist students in projects and organization.
–       Transport students to and from school daily.
–       Ensure that students have all needed school supplies.
–       Regularly attend school awards ceremonies, inform education specialist of awards.
–       With assistance as needed, arrange for “special guests” on grandparent’s day & carreer day for the k-5 students.
–       Utilize house budget to encourage participation in book fairs in the fall and spring.
–       Give report cards to the Ed specialist in a timely manner to prepare grade celebrations.

·       Adaptive:
–       Assigns and teaches children in age-appropriate household chores and helps them develop good housekeeping habits.
–       Teaches children the proper laundering of clothes.
–       Encourages the development of good personal hygiene habits such as bathing, brushing teeth, changing clothes, shampooing hair, cleaning nails, etc.
–       Ensures the children keep their rooms and belongings in a “show-ready” state before leaving for school on a daily basis.
–       Teaches the children the proper use of tools, kitchen utensils, etc. for various jobs.
–       Helps the children develop the capability for meal planning, budgeting, preparation, etc.
–       Encourages the participation in Independent Living Class assignments/activities.

·       Social:
–       Provides formal and informal play period.
–       Helps the children develop habits of proper behavior, etiquette, dress, and safety.
–       Teaches the children appropriate methods of building and enhancing interpersonal relationships.
–       Plans and carries out off-campus activities on a regular basis that “expands the horizons” of what the child may or may not like to do.
–       Encourages children to take advantage of at least one extracurricular activity per year.
–       Provides exposure to social gatherings in the community and church.
–       Provides opportunities for the children to develop skills as good hosts to guests in the home.
–       Emphasizes family nature.  Family activities, meals eaten as a family, etc.

·       Emotional:
–       Becomes familiar with each child’s social history in an effort to understand the child as an individual.
–       Is available for the child for informal counseling at all times, working closely with the social worker and therapy team, to develop strategies for mental health.
–       Participates in family counseling as needed and attends significant life events such as important court dates.
–       Looks for things the child does well and encouraging them in these areas
–       Supports child in their interest and activities and attends when ever possible.
–       “Meets the child where they are“ emotionally and providing for that need in healthy ways. (e.g. tucking into bed, reading stories, etc.)
–       Holds information about the child and their family confidential.
–       Is able to recognize and is comfortable meeting the “love language” for every child.  (gifts, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation.)
–       Maintains a well structured environment that communicates safety through constant diligence in creating and enforcing house rules/expectations.
–       Enjoys spending time with the kids and does so as much as possible.

·       Physical:
–       Ensures that living area is kept clean, organized, decorated and free of clutter.
–       Plans menus, prepares and serves nutritionally balanced meals.
–       Supervises laundering of clothes.
–       Ensures that each child in the home is properly fitted for shoes and clothing that is appropriate for the season, modest in nature, and comparable to that worn by other children in community.
–       Encourages physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
–       Encourages proper hygiene & grooming.
–       Knows any special health needs of their children (allergies, medications, etc.) and ensures these needs are addressed.
–       Dispenses prescription and OTC medication.
–       Schedules and transports for appropriate medical, dental, vision, etc. appointments.


Ÿ Maintains the home and furnishings in good order and keeps the home in a “show-
ready” state daily.

·       Keeps the home van in good running condition and ensure that needed preventative maintenance is completed in a timely matter.

·       Participates in regular staff meetings, devotions, case planning meetings, etc. at the direction of the campus director.

·       Maintains needed documentation on each child such as weekly logs, incident reports, medication administration logs, emergency drills, etc.

·       Practices and documents monthly emergency drills in the home

·       Informs Relief Houseparents of the home’s routine and any special needs of a particular child.

·       Acts as hosts for scheduled public relations tours, dinners, events of the homes as needed.

·       Continuous focus on positive communication and team work with all ranch staff and volunteers.

·       Continuously develop and, with the guidance of the campus director, grow a strong sense of expertise in behavior management philosophy and skills.

·        Shows good stewardship by maintaining a monthly budget for groceries, clothing, home needs, activities, etc.

·       Consistently demonstrate strong character and embody the values of our Christian community at all times: Act Justly, Walk Humbly, Love ‘Mercy’

·       All other duties as assigned

Minimum Requirements:
·       Maintain at least 30 hours of job-related continuing education per year
·       High School Diploma
·       No more than 2 children at home
·       Pass needed background checks
·       Valid driver’s license

Benefits/Time Off:
·       Salary
·       IRA with 3% matching
·       Health Insurance
·       2 weeks of paid time off per year; one weekend per month; date night weekly
·       Use of the Soaring Wings vehicles for matters related to your position

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Maximum file size: 64 MB.

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