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Edgewood Children’s Ranch

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Edgewood Children’s Ranch provides children and their families a safe environment to change their behaviors and the course of their lives. Our “cottage life” or residential program allows children to live with others in a family-style unit and emphasizes the development of responsibility, accountability, self-control and faithfulness. On weekdays children attend Edgewood Ranch Academy, our on-site private Christian school. Although many of our students arrive one to three years below grade level, our personalized approach builds the confidence and accountability needed to advance.

Children come to us voluntarily and must agree to follow certain guidelines and participate fully in our program. Most children stay with us for two years and we are currently able to accommodate up to 40 children at a time. Our mission is to return children to their homes, school and society as emotionally healthy young people. We believe that a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the foundation of a solid family unit and we teach children to rely on that relationship to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

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