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GAP Ministries, a faith-based ministry standing in the GAP for those in need in three core areas: Children, Family, and Community. GAP has been serving Southern Arizona since 1999.

CHILDREN – GAP Ministries began by caring for foster children in the home of our founders, and that aspect of the ministry has grown over the years, depending on the need, from 9-14 family model group homes where the love of God is shared with the children and teens each day. GAP also licenses and trains individuals and couples to care for foster children to increase the number of homes where these children can live and thrive while away from their own family.

FAMILY – Children are at the heart of GAP, but if we continually care for abused and neglected children but never help their families, it becomes a never-ending cycle. If we can begin to heal these families we can change the direction of their lives and generationally impact them going forward. To heal the root causes of the foster care crisis, GAP has programs to provide supervised visitation and parent aid for the birth parents. It is our desire and goal to see healthy restoration of families when possible

COMMUNITY – Breaking cycles of poverty and creating transformed communities. Tucson is a beautiful city, but unfortunately there are many children, women, and men who are really struggling. One in four of our residents are below the poverty line. GAP’s Community Warehouse reclaims food and new items from major retailers that would otherwise end up in landfills, and redistributes them to individuals in need through nonprofit partnerships.

GAP Ministries is all about impacting One Life. Because we believe each and every person matters to God, we strive to lift up each child we care for and each individual we serve to become all God made them to be and live out their best life.

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